Celebrating Excellence: The 2023 Cannabis Nurses of the Year Award Winners

by | Dec 11, 2023 | CNN News

The world of cannabis nursing has witnessed a remarkable year, highlighted not only by the extraordinary achievements and contributions of dedicated professionals, but also by national recognition on a larger scale. On September 27th, the American Nurses Association (ANA) officially recognized Cannabis Nursing as a nurse specialty, a significant milestone that underscores the growing importance of cannabis medicine in healthcare.

Blazing New Trails

The 2023 Cannabis Nurses of the Year Awards have set a new benchmark, with a historic number of 64 nurses nominated – the highest ever, underscoring the vital role of nursing in the realm of cannabis medicine and a celebration of those leading the way in this newly recognized specialty. 

Honoring the Best in Cannabis Nursing

Cannabis Nursing Team of the Year:

Cannabis Nurses Network Speakers Bureau

This prestigious award goes to the Cannabis Nurses Network Speakers Bureau, a team that has shown unparalleled dedication and expertise. The team includes Ariane Williams, Caitlin Bernhard, Gal Segev, Heather Manus, Heather Shelton, Lisa Capitani, Lisa Cheatham, Love Hawkins, Marcie Cooper, Marilyn Pierce, Meg Little, Nique Pichette, and Shakira Franklyn, whose collaborative efforts have significantly advanced the field of cannabis nursing.

Cannabis Nursing Research Excellence:

Nique Pichette

Runner-Up: Deanna Sommers

Recognized for her exceptional contributions to cannabis nursing research, Nique Pichette stands out for her dedication to advancing our understanding of cannabis use disorder (CUD) and scientific cannabis research in humans.

Advocacy and Policy Champion:

Lisa Cheatham

Runners-Up: Janna Champagne & Gail Pederson

Lisa Cheatham is honored for her tireless efforts in advocating for policy changes and playing a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive and effective cannabis landscape at both local and national levels.

Cannabis Patient Care Excellence:

Caitlin Bernhard

Runner-Up: Ariane Williams

Caitlin Bernhard receives this award for her tireless efforts and exemplary patient care, demonstrating compassion and expertise in integrating cannabis into advanced nursing practices.

Cannabis Nursing Education Leader:

Shakira Franklyn

Runners-Up: Love Hawkins & Elisabeth Mack

Shakira Franklyn is celebrated for her leadership in cannabis nursing education, contributing significantly to the training and development of nursing professionals. Her unique teaching style sets her apart and draws students deep into the learning process. 

Cannabis Nurse Author of the Year:

Janna Champagne

Runner-Up: Ariane Williams

Janna Champagne is recognized for her influential writings that have enriched the scientific knowledge and evidence base of cannabis nursing.

Innovative Practice Award:

Heather Shelton

Runners-Up: Shannon King & Nique Pichette

Heather Shelton is awarded for her innovative approaches in healing practices, significantly impacting the care of patients seeking assistance through herbal plant medicines including cannabis and psilocybin. 

Community Engagement and Outreach:

Lisa Cheatham

Runner-Up: Megan Mbengue

Lisa Cheatham is again honored for her exceptional work in community engagement and outreach, playing a crucial role in raising awareness and understanding of cannabis nursing and plant medicine among inter-faith leaders.

Rising Star in Cannabis Nursing:

Lisa Cheatham

Runner-Up: Erica Cowan

As a Rising Star, Lisa Cheatham has shown remarkable promise and dedication in the early stages of her cannabis nursing career. Evidenced by community impact that led to her clean sweep of awards, winning all 5 awards that she was nominated for in 2023.

Collaborative Spirit Award:

Lisa Cheatham

Runner-Up: Marilyn Pierce

This award celebrates Lisa Cheatham’s collaborative spirit, highlighting her ability to work effectively with various stakeholders in the healthcare, regulatory, cannabis nursing, and faith-based communities.

Cannabis Nurse of the Year:

Heather Manus

Runner-Up:  Megan Mbengue

Heather Manus is recognized as the Cannabis Nurse of the Year for her outstanding contributions and leadership among the cannabis nursing community.

Cannabis Nurse Mentor of the Year:

Heather Manus

Runners-Up: Shakira Franklyn & Marilyn Pierce

Additionally, Heather Manus receives the Cannabis Nurse Mentor of the Year award, acknowledging her role in guiding and inspiring the next generation of cannabis nurses.

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Jacy Linear

Runner-Up: Mary Lynn Mathre

In a moving tribute, Jacy Linear is awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Jacy’s contributions to cannabis nursing have left an indelible mark on the profession.

A Lasting Legacy: The Jacy Linear Lifetime Achievement Award

In a touching tribute and loving memory of Nurse Jacy Denise Linear (November 2, 1963 – July 19, 2023), the Lifetime Achievement Award will henceforth be known as the Jacy Linear Lifetime Achievement Award. This renaming honors her enduring legacy and the profound impact she had on the Cannabis Nurses Network community.

Congratulations to All

As we celebrate these outstanding professionals, we are reminded of the crucial role nurses play in advancing the understanding and integration of cannabis into healthcare. Their dedication, expertise, and compassion continue to pave the way for a future where cannabis is an integral part of patient care and wellness. Congratulations to all the nominees and award winners for their exceptional achievements and for setting new standards of excellence in cannabis nursing.  

Full List of 2023 Nominees

by | Dec 11, 2023 | CNN News

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