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Recorded during The Future of Nursing at CNNC 2022

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Advanced cannabis education for medical professionals

The Cannabis Nurses Network Conference is a professional development and medical cannabis education conference designed for cannabis nurses and licensed medical professionals.

CNNC is an advanced, unique and empowering education & networking experience; the program is designed for nurses, healthcare and licensed wellness professionals who are serious about advancing their expertise in cannabis medicine.

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Cannabis Nurses Network Professional Conference

CONFERENCE Programming

Continued Education

CNNC offers two full days delivering accredited continuing nurse education credits (CEU) in cannabis medicine education.

We have brought the leading authors, researchers and industry professionals to share.

Get important training, education and insights from some of the foremost educators in the space.

Advance your career, your expertise and professional development.

Expert Panel Sessions

The CNNC program includes expert panels where you will learn immediately applicable education that you can start to use in your personal practice.

We gather experts, thought leaders and industry professionals to share their insights with CNNC attendees on advanced topics.

This is more than just theoretical information and endocannabinoid basics – it’s education you can put to work for you and your patients as soon as you’re back in the office.

Tackling Key Topics

The latest research, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, cannabis nurse entrepreneurship…CNNC includes advanced sessions on the latest in cannabis medicine.

Join us for frank and thoughtful conversations that will help you advance your understanding of these important topics, while advancing your expertise.

With one of a kind access to speakers and industry thought leaders, CNNC is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Endocannabinoid System Care is the FUTURE of Nursing.
With NCSBN Guidelines & Ryan’s Law, cannabis patient care has become a professional requirement for nurses.
CNNC is where you can learn it all.

Why Attend CNNC

You Belong Here


Cannabis medicine can often feel like a lonely game. Come meet your family.


Get up close and personal with industry experts, thought leaders and your new friends.

Professional Advancement

Put what you learn at CNNC into practice as soon as  you get home. Stand out from the rest.

Industry Recognition

CNNC is where “legit cannabis medical professionals” are made. It’s a big deal.

Sunny San Diego

Come to America’s Finest City and escape winter while experiencing cannabis friendly legalization.

Body, Mind & Soul

Holistic experiences to nourish your whole self during two+ full days of adventures.


The Future of Nursing: Embracing Conscious Healing

Nourish Your Body. Illuminate Your Mind. Reawaken Your Spirit.

Embracing Conscious Healing is an on-demand holistic wellness enrichment program dedicated to the nurturing of Self; mind, body, and spirit. Rooted in ancient intuitive wisdom and complemented by modern science and insights, conscious speakers guide nurses on a transformative journey toward wholeness, balance, and vibrant health. This program also includes access to the on-going Nursing Theory Series, currently exploring Margaret Newman’s theory of Health as Expanding Consciousness. 


The Future of Nursing: Essential Knowledge for Endocannabinoid System Care

Essential Knowledge for Endocannabinoid System Care : CE Program

The Essential Education Sessions and Expert Panel Sessions from CNNC 2022 are available on-demand. Get the same education and insights as our attendees, while learning at your own pace.

Essential Knowledge for Endocannabinoid System Care‍, 2022-0000000433 approval for 16 including 4 Advanced Pharmacotherapy contact hour(s).


CNNC – A Revolution in Healthcare –  went digital in 2020 and we offered a unique virtual experience with speakers discussing the shift in healthcare that so closely aligned with the events of the year.

Want a full recap of the event? Visit the archived CNNC 2020 event details page.

A Revolution in Healthcare: CE Program

The Essential Education Sessions and Expert Panel Sessions from CNNC 2020 are available on-demand. Experience the same education and insights as our attendees, while learning at your own pace.

A Revolution in Healthcare‍, 2022-0000000731 approval for 14 contact hour(s)


Want a recap of the event? Visit the archived CNNC 2019 website.

Explore photos from 2019!  Day One | Day Two

Rooted in Science: Nourished by Nature – CE Program

The Essential Education Sessions and Expert Panel Sessions from CNNC 2019 are available on-demand for Annual Members (included with membership!) Experience the same education and insights as our live attendees, while learning at your own pace.

Rooted in Science. Nourished by Knowledge.‍, 2020-0000001662 approval for 16 including 3 advanced pharmacotherapy contact hour(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the CNNC ticket return policy?
    CNNC tickets are transferable, but non-refundable. There are no refunds on CNNC ticket purchases. To arrange a transfer, please contact us and include your info and the info of the person to whom the ticket is being transferred. 
  • What accommodations are available?
    We have a block of discounted hotel rooms available at the conference location. Ticketed attendees will get the details in their inbox along with their registration details. 
  • I’m a member, where is my discount code?
    The discount code for members can be found by logging in to and visiting CNNC scheduled under “Events”
  • I am interesting in having my company sponsor CNNC
    Fantastic! The best way to get included is to reach out to us directly.
  • I have a question not asked here…
    Go ahead and send us an email!

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