Ariane Williams, RN-BSN

End of Life, Pain Management, Plant Medicine, opioid use, self-care | CNNC 2021


Ariane Williams, RN-BSN is a native Texan with 13 years’ experience in nursing. Ariane began her career in the ER and it continued in areas of women’s services, surgery, cardiac cath lab, and hospice. She is currently pursuing her MSN-FNP at the University of Texas at Arlington with pending graduation 2022.

Ariane loves holistic care and knew her nursing career would involve plant medicine. She loves to research and continues to stay up to date on the lastest in plant medicine therapeutics. She has helped patients manage pain with cannabis products as well provide patient and community education about the endocannabinoid system. She looks forward to continuing to grow her knowledge to share with others and help her community thrive.

Cannabis provides for the mind, body, and spirit unlike any other plant. I implore you to dig deep and learn more about the how transformative cannabis is for our bodies and world alike.

Ariane Williams, RN-BSN

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