Ariane Williams, RN-BSN

End of Life, Pain Management, Plant Medicine, opioid use, self-care | CNNC 2021 | 2022


Ariane, also known as The Kind Nurse, is a nurse that specializes in cannabis therapeutics and holistic health. With a varied background in patient care and love for plant medicine, she has combined her backgrounds and is sharing her passion for holistic health with the world. She is an expert on the endocannabinoid system and cannabis as a mind, body, spirit medicine. Ariane find her joy sharing her knowledge of plant medicine and supporting others in creating an empowered relationship with cannabis.

Cannabis is a very loving and nurturing medicine. She brings comfort, insight, and peace to those that interact with her. The only thing she ask in return is for you to get in touch with your body and understand how to use her consciously. This allows her to support you to her fullest capabilities.

Ariane Williams, RN-BSN

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