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Future Million Nurses is a collaborative campaign to create the next generation of cannabis nurses.

We’ve started by sharing some of our best education sessions from the Network Library (for free). Tune in every Tuesday.

You don’t want to miss what we have planned for Nurses Week 2021!

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Advance your endocannabinoid system and cannabis nurse entrepreneurship expertise with profound, comprehensive education for any level of cannabis nurse.

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Elite cannabis nurses; Ensure your event has high-quality, professional, trusted and compelling presenters & panelists that bring an educated revolution in healthcare.

Revolution In Healthcare

From nurse entrepreneurship, to cancer – this new 12 hour program addresses the latest topics & research for advancing cannabis nurses.

Welcome to Cannabis Nurses Network

We are a global network of registered nurses who include Endocannabinoid System health, and implement cannabinoid therapeutics to support our patients journey to holistic balance.

Empowering nurses through education, opportunity, recognition, and advocacy.

We provide continued education courses and empower our nurses with ongoing professional development opportunities. Our education programs include endocannabinoid system science and care, cannabinoid therapeutics, disease processes, lifespan and diagnosis considerations, and holistic nursing approaches.

Our members get unprecedented opportunities to connect with other industry professionals, participate in thought-leader action projects, advance their expertise and influence the future of cannabis medicine.

Cannabis Nurses Network honor, recognize and support nurses’ successes and the diligent work being conducted by individual cannabis nurses worldwide. We provide our platform for recognition of outstanding nurses, and efforts within the community are shared and celebrated.

Our organization insists on advocating for the health, well-being and professional safety of nurses and patients embarking on their cannabis nurse journey.

Watch Party LiveStream & Speed Networking Event

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$99 for Livestream Access Only

Limited Time Special Offer

A fantastic education opportunity for nursing students, retired nurses & licensed medical professionals who don’t need contact hours.

Cannabis Nurses Network is offering a Livestream Only Watch Party of A Revolution in Healthcare on December 3rd & 4th, 2020.

This watch party is offered as a one time special to join the live broadcast, and receive all the top-tier education shared in this course for just $99.

There’s no replay. You must tune in live. There’s no CEUs, no lifetime course access, the entire education program is broadcast over 2 days, and you get unprecedented cannabis nursing education for a very low price.

This live watch party is offered for FREE to all full program students with lifetime access.

This special replay is intended to make cannabis nursing education accessible to anyone who wants the information.

This Watch Party is part of Future Million Nurses, a collaboration effort to reach, empower & educate one million nurses by 2025. For multiple licenses, group events and access for your medical professional organization, reach out. 

Benefits & Special Access


Leading-Edge Education

Members get access to live webinars with industry experts learning the latest in cannabis medicine. 

This is more than the generic endocannabinoid education you can get anywhere else. This is highly focused, advanced expertise brought to you by the leaders from within our Network. 

Diving deep on topics that turn cannabis nurses into Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurs, consultants and industry leaders in their own right. 

Professional Development

Enter a nurse, leave a fantastic cannabis nurse, advocate, leader and entrepreneur.

Beyond cannabis education, members are given opportunities to advance their expertise, and become thought leaders in their own right. 

Members have become authors, educators, speakers, advocates, and Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurs in their network journey. Our organization is committed to offer every opportunity for advancement and continue delivering value to our members.

Unparalled Recognition

Thought leaders, authors and educators advancing the revolution in healthcare are here.

When nurses demonstrate leadership, we are comitted to honor their progress with recogntion that gives them even more leadership opportunities.

Members who are serious about advancing their cannabis nursing career will find all the essential elements for becoming an industry expert, guiding influence and community pillar.

Comprehensive Cannabis Education for Medical Professionals

The Cannabis Nurses Network Conference is an annual professional development and education conference designed exclusively for cannabis nurses & licensed medical professionals to advance their understanding of cannabis medicine, the endocannabinoid system and its practical application in day-to-day patient care & practice.

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Speakers Bureau

Ensuring industry events have the best in medical cannabis education. 

Network members participate in our private speaker development classes and present at CNNC to join the Speakers Bureau.

Members of the bureau are included in our directory and are invited to speak at cannabis education events and industry conferences.

Explore the Speakers Bureau

Cornerstone Projects

Demonstrate your expertise and contribute to the advancement of others.

Expert network members are invited to create and share education content via our live webinar and course platform, participate in national advocacy campaigns, and influence the future of cannabis education and nurse entrepreneurship while being rewarded for their contributions.

Existing Members Only:
Explore & Apply to a Cornerstone Project

Get Published

Sharing leading researchers, authors, thought leaders and educators.

Expert articles on medical cannabis, research and advocacy campaigns are submitted and published on the Cannabis Nurses Network platform, bringing visibility to the authors, while sharing education with our readers. 

Submitting an article is open to expert contributors and members. 

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The Cannabis Nurses Network is where licensed medical professionals become cannabis medicine experts. Members get incredible benefits and unprecedented access.


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