Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP

Cannabis Education, Cannabis Therapeutics, Herbalism, Integrative Health | CNNC 2022


Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP, is a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach, and Cannabis Educator with a background in Family Medicine, Herbalism, Reiki and Bodywork, and Hatha Yoga. She resides in Western Massachusetts.

Caitlin is the DOO of Azalla Education and the owner/founder of Azalla Wellness, and she is a certifying provider for MA cannabis patients with the Green Network Providers.

Since 2017 Caitlin has worked as a Cannabis Nurse Practitioner throughout Massachusetts, providing education, consultations, and certifications for cannabis patients in MA and NY. She has created and presented material at informational events and workshops throughout New England and spoken at several national conferences.

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Caitlin Bernhard, MSN, FNP