Lisa A. Cheatham BSN RN

Advocate, Cannabis Nurse, Educator, Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, Speaker | CNNC 2022


Lisa A. Cheatham BSN RN, from Brooklyn-Queens, NY, is a Medical Cannabis Nurse, Educator and Advocate! She is the Founder of New Life CPR, LLC Integrative Health and Wellness Coach as well. She is an Annual Member of CNN and Founding Member CNOC! She has been a nurse for over 29 years in various healthcare settings. As a nurse, patient, and mother, she has felt frustrated and powerless in a healthcare system that has failed us all one way or another. Lisa and her daughter both were healed of their Spinal injuries and disabilities by combining the best of both worlds of traditional and alternative medicine, Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness with Medical Cannabis. Lisa Educates, Empowers, and Equips Everyone She meets!

The most important advice I have for CNN event attendees is to get all of the education you can get! Knowledge is Power! Reach out and receive the love and guidance to Grow and Succeed on your Journey!

Lisa A. Cheatham BSN RN

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