Ashley Wynn-Grimes MS,RN-BC

Personal branding, resilience, story as leverage | CNNC 2021 | 2022


Ashley Wynn-Grimes BSN, RN is the Founder of Cannabis Nursing Solutions, LLC, and author of children’s book “Asa’s Medicine” as well as the book “Stigmatized.” In 2021, Ashley was chosen for Baltimore Business Journal Leaders in Health Care. Native to Baltimore, MD, Wynn-Grimes, a Black female entrepreneur and widely respected medical professional, Wynn-Grimes is dedicated to empowering patients and nursing professionals to make informed wellness choices with impactful educational medical programs that also serve to promote diverse representation and increased resiliency in those she serves.

We are all necessary to shift healthcare perspectives to be inclusive of holistic and spiritual practices

Ashley Wynn-Grimes MS,RN-BC

Entrepreneur of the Year