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Meet the Cannabis Nurses Network Speakers Bureau, a collection of elite cannabis nurses with advanced expertise in cannabis medicine and how it can be used across disciplines.

Speakers Bureau Members have gone through intensive speaker training & development with Heather Manus,  Maureen McNamara of Cannabis Trainers, and present their expertise at Cannabis Nurses Network Conference.

Ensure your event has high-quality, professional, trusted and compelling presenters & panelists that bring an educated revolution in healthcare.

Looking to join the CNN Speakers Bureau?

We offer private presentation training and speaker development experience to Annual & Founding Cannabis Nurses Network Members. It is a professional advancement opportunity that Cannabis Nurses Network offers exclusively in the industry. 

If you are already a member, the next step is for you to pitch a session to speak live at CNNC, or apply to host an education webinar for our nurses. Ready to apply? 

Speakers Bureau Members