Marilyn Pierce RN BSN

Advocacy, Author, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Speaker, holistic-wellness | CNNC 2022


Marilyn Pierce is known as a leader and an entrepreneur in holistic healthy living. She is the COO of Plants for Lyfe which provides evidence-based guidance for plant-based living and healing. Marilyn is a published author sharing her personal journey of wellness in her book, Ground Work Before Pound Work, which includes maintaining her weight loss of 130 pounds. As an entrepreneur, she’s produced podcasts, co-hosted a radio show and contributed to books, magazines and blogs. She expects to release another book this year with Plants for Lyfe, about holistic living, cannabis and the common diseases killing Americans. Marilyn has been a registered nurse for 35 years and loves gardening, nature and speaking to inspire about medical cannabis.

Change is imminent and already here in healthcare; and nurses are in the perfect position to lead colleagues, patients and our nursing profession forward. New evidence-based ways of preventing and treating illness are here. The foundations of healthcare are shifting and nursing is in the perfect place to facilitate these changes and lead, train and educate all. The pathway to health has broadened and includes holistic and integrative methods of care. We can support these changes by leading our patients and our colleagues to the research and evidence that proves we have a new way to take care of ourselves, and it includes medical cannabis. Don't stand on the shore, be a part of the wave. Nurses are leaders. Take your place to guide the future.

Marilyn Pierce RN BSN

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