CNN Mission & Milestones

A Members-Only Professional Network for Cannabis Nurses at all stages of expertise.

Established in 2015, the Cannabis Nurses Network™ is a professional nursing and professional development organization for nurses around the globe. By educating nurses on the science behind the plant and providing a global nursing network, nurses are supported and empowered to implement their knowledge within their community.


Empowering Nurses through Education, Opportunity, Recognition, and Advocacy

Welcome to the world of cannabis nursing where Education, Opportunity, Recognition, & Advocacy are the cornerstones of our global Cannabis Nurses Network.

Cannabis Nurses Network promotes and provides quality Education for ongoing continued learning. Through education and shared information, cannabis nurses are supported in gaining knowledge, experience, and confidence. Knowledgeable nurses who have understanding of the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabinoid Therapeutics are making major impacts within the healthcare/legal systems and wellness/cannabis industries worldwide.

Cannabis Nurses Network provides Opportunity for nurses to connect with like-minded healthcare professionals, participate in substantial thought-leader action projects, access members-only information, and offers a unique opportunity for nurses to promote themselves and their businesses while gaining status as a professional Cannabis Nurse.

Cannabis Nurses Network honors and recognizes the diligently dedicated work being conducted by individual cannabis nurses worldwide. Daily actions and efforts of nurses are often overlooked and under-appreciated. Cannabis Nurses Network provides a platform for Recognition where nurses’ efforts and successes are supported, shared and celebrated. Cannabis Nurses Network is raising the volume for nurses to toot their own horn, while experiencing the benefits of having a few horns tooted on their behalf.

Advocacy is a main function of nursing care. As nurses we advocate for our patients; as cannabis nurses we advocate for cannabis patients. Cannabis Nurses Network advocates for the health, wellness and professional safety of nurses who are embarking on the cannabis nurse journey for themselves and/or their patients

Network Expertise:

What you will find inside the doors of Cannabis Nurses Network
  • NCSBN Guidelines and Recommendations
  • Advanced Practical Applications
  • Post Traumatic Growth, Mental Health & PTSD
  • Cannabis Nursing & Nurse Entrepreneurship
  • Research & Information Practices
  • Political & Legal Landscape
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Indigenous & Traditional Healing
  • Hemp & CBD
  • Cannabis & Cancer
  • Pharmaceuticals, Neurology, Psychiatry, OB-GYN
  • Healing Touch & Massage
  • Stages of Life Medicine & Needs
  • ECS Nurse & Patient Advocacy
  • Local & National Advocacy
  • Holistic Nursing Approaches
  • End of Life & Hospice Care
  • Children & Cannabis
  • Business Development
  • Mentorship
  • Professional Development & Acceleration
  • Program Design & Speaker Training

Milestones in Our History

CNN Timeline

Founded 2015
Created by a group of nurses who wanted to gather together to learn and share knowledge while having fun celebrating each other’s successes and supporting each other’s endeavors.

2nd Annual CNNC 2016
“Making Endocannabinoid Connections” is presented at the first annual CNNC and during the AHNA Conference.

3rd Annual CNNC 2017
“Cannabis Medicine for Nurses” accredited for 6 contact hours is presented at the University of Northern Las Vegas UNLV

Founders Vision 2017
The mission and vision behind Cannabis Nurses Network is revised and refined.

Founding Membership is Launched 2018 is launched with 40 Founding Members.

4th Annual CNNC 2019
“Rooted in Science: Nourished by Knowledge” is brought to San Diego. Launch 2019
Establishes a private, members-only networking space for cannabis nurses.

Online Education Platform 2019
Cannabis Nurses Network offers our first, original education program online.

Year of the Nurse & Midwife 2020
More than 1/3 of humanity is under some form of lockdown.

CNN Nurses Roundtables Begin 2020
CNN Members kicks community & connection into high gear during a global pandemic with nurses on the front lines.

CNN Speakers Bureau 2020
2nd group graduates Speakers Bureau Training in preparation for CNNC 2020, “A Revolution in Healthcare”

5th Annual CNNC Goes Virtual 2020
Cannabis Nurses Network offers a fully digital conference with 12 hours of accredited continued education for nurses.

With a mission to educate one million new ECS nurses by 2025

CNN Education Sessions 2020
An additional 30+ hours of original education and professional development guidance is created for Annual Members

CNN Nurse Appreciation Celebration 2020
The CNN virtual experience gets another upgrade with speed networking, awards, free education, and a live DJ.

What Others Have To Say

Testimonials & Reviews

About Our Education Program & Events

Without any real experience in the professional world of cannabis, and no familiarity with the speakers, I wasn’t sure about the value especially considering the conference had to take on a virtual format.

It was thrilling to discover this resource of similarly minded healthcare professionals. The conference was amazing.

I was impressed with the broad array of topics and the varied backgrounds and experience of the speakers. There was definitely something for everyone, subjects I hadn’t thought about, and it was totally accessible with room for new ideas and open discussion.

Inspiring! Great job putting this program together!!! Thank YOU.

E. Constantine

Annual Member, Program Student

This entire “virtual” experience was a huge surprise in that the vibe and love and support and connection was still THERE, and STRONG! This tribe is such a blessing in so many ways I cannot express.

The shared vulnerability , strength, courage, and knowledge presented so succinctly cannot be found ANYWHERE else like this in the entire cannabis community. I am so proud and thrilled to be a part of the continued growth of our members.

D. Steenstra

Founding Member, Instructor

I appreciated hearing the lived experience of working with medical cannabis patients. as I don’t have personal hands-on patient care.

I liked the emphasis on individualized, integrative medicine and the inclusion of all plant medicines.

I don’t feel so alone in my efforts to educate other healthcare professionals or feel so alone in witnessing the failures of our current model of healthcare harming loved ones.

I am especially excited when Dr. Russo presents research–so I have more tools in my toolbox to deflect Reefer Madness claims of cannabis causing insanity, psychosis, depression, etc.

Thank you CNN, this was an amazing learning experience and you pulled it all together in a well organized and inspirational way.

W. G-Viviani

Annual Member, Program Student

I learned an immense amount of knowledge, I am so thankful that the symposium is available for replay so we can go back and take notes.

It was inspiring to see the speakers presentations – and I would absolutely love info on how to be involved next year!

Thank you so much for everyone’s time and effort in regards to their presentation… with all of these professional nurses out there advocating in the community it is just so inspiring!

A. Holland

New Member, Program Student

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