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Specialty Focused Education Programs

for Nurses & Licensed Medical Professionals

Cannabis Nurses Network Immersives are unique programs with an on-going, growing topical library of essential information designed to support advanced ECS Nurses with expertise in focused specialties.

Unlike regular courses, Immersives are on-going expertise building groups, with fresh and relevant education content continually being added, and where students become experts, and experts become mentors.

Stay relevant in your specialties as we usher in a revolution in healthcare. Stay on the leading-edge, engage with authors and educators, increase your expertise, and gain opportunities to contribute your knowledge as a published expert in the field of ECS Science & Care.

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Need an in-depth education
  • Ready to dive deep into an ECS specialty
  • Want to become a cannabis expert in your specialty
  • Are looking for mentorship in your specialty
  • Need the latest in leading education for your specialty
  • Want to get a deep understanding of a specific focus in cannabis medicine

Immersives are designed for long-term dedication and study of an essential theme within cannabis medicine.

All immersive programs are accessed on our private, members only platform where you can participate with other students, watch the videos, download presentations for your notes, ask the instructors questions, with additional resources & continued learning opportunities.

All Specialty Immersives are $99/year


Immersives are designed to create experts.

The courses will continue to grow with fresh content as CNN brings new experts, recorded sessions, leading articles and mentors into each immersive – expanding over time.

This is more than just “click thru and done” learning – this is a professional development, expert creating, mentorship building, and game changing education experience.

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Lifetime Access to All CNN Immersives

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For invested medical professionals who already know CNN brings the best in medical cannabis education; 

Cannabis Nurses Network is offering the ENTIRETY of our Specialty Immersives (present AND future) for a special lifetime access price.

This education opportunity will give you access to everything we create and share within our immersives for the life of our platform – but it is a special offer ONLY available for the 1st year of these new programs. (December 31st, 2021, this offer disappears.)

Invest in yourself now. Specialty Immersives are designed to continue growing with new educators, fresh content and the latest in topical thinking – turning students into experts, and equipping the future of cannabis medical professionals. 5 Immersives launch in January, with more to be released by the summer of 2021.

Specialty Immersives are hosted and accessed on our private, members-only networking platform. Your purchase will include access to this community, and you will have access for the lifetime of the platform. UNPRECEDENTED.

Current Specialty Immersives

NCSBN Nursing Guidelines | Endocannabinoid System Care | Mental Health, Trauma, PTSD & Post Traumatic Growth  
Aging, Pain, Oncology & End of Life | Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurship

The National Council State Boards of Nursing have a series of guidelines and standards for cannabis patient care. “Cannabis Nursing” is no longer a fringe expertise, but has a series of requirements to maintain nursing professional standards in an industry that continues to evolve. 

Specialty Immersive: NCSBN Guidelines for Patient Care gives nursing professionals the essential education and guidance to meet these standards of care.

The unique system of our bodies called the Endocannabinoid System was only discovered in the 1980’s and the revelations of this system continue to be uncovered. This highly involved system is barely (if at all) covered in nursing and medical schools. This immersive gives nurses all of the insights, details and education necessary to understand this system, the diseases it affects, and how to nourish it.

Specialty Immersive: Endocannabinoid System Care gives nursing professionals the essential education and guidance to care for this fascinating system.

Mental health, PTSD, recovery from trauma – endocannabinoid therapies are uniquely effective in supporting patients with mental health disorders. Experience a dedicated dive into the immersive ocean of healing related to mental health, trauma and stress.

Specialty Immersive: Mental Health, Trauma & PTSD gives nursing professionals the essential and profound education necessary to support your patients.

Cannabis legalization is a game-changer for hospice patients and caregivers providing end of life care. Hospice patients do not have time to wait for medical cannabis program protocols including doctors certification and state issued medical cards. Legalization provides safe and swift access to cannabis medicine and reduces the need for heavy narcotics such as opioids.

Specialty Immersive: Aging, Pain, Oncology & End of Life gives nursing professionals the essential and profound education necessary to support your patients during this important stage of life.

Many ECS nurses find themselves ready to start or advance their own business. The ECS industry can be complicated and rife with pitfalls; CNN brings our entrepreneurship, nursing and industry expertise together in a comprehensive guide to help you succeed. Entrepreneurs who have already walked this path are here to help you along the journey.

Specialty Immersive: ECS Nurse Entrepreneurship gives nursing professionals the essential education and guidance to build your own business in the industry space.

Frequently Asked Questions About Courses & Programs:

Do these courses give me an official Cannabis Nurse Specialty or Certification?

Right now, this sort of official designation for cannabis nurses does not exist. There is an organization specifically working toward that goal, but in the meantime, Cannabis Nurses Network offers some of the best, industry trusted, current and thorough education available for cannabis nurses.

Full programs are evaluated and accredited for Nursing Continued Education Credits & contact hours; our education programs are offered in partnership with other nursing organizations as well.

Cannabis Nurses Network works very hard to nurture an industry reputation of top quality, high-value, immediately practical education, and we are building a network of the best cannabis nurses in the world.

Do I have to be a nurse to get value from these courses?

Anyone who is serious about learning cannabis medicine can benefit from these courses. If you are a licensed medical professional (but not a nurse), you will be benefit professionally from these education programs, but you will not be able to redeem the CEUs in your discipline unless you can include “Nursing CEUs” specifically.

If you are “just a regular person” or a patient, you will benefit from the advanced insight that these courses can provide.

If you are looking for a cannabis nurse to help you with a specific health issue, use our cannabis nurse directory.

How do I access my course?

If you have already purchased a course, log in with the same sign up information you used during your purchase. Your purchased courses are all available on your CNN Members account.

How do I get my certificate for CEUs?

Once you have completed your course in its entirety, and sent your course evaluation, a member of our team will send you a PDF you can use to print at home.

Which programs include CEUs?

ONLY Full CNN Programs have CEUs. We offer our programs broken up into smaller topical courses & intensives. Courses & intensives are NOT included in CEU certificates.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for program & course purchases. Courses are non-refundable.

Annual Members Get Even More…

Cannabis Nurses Network features educators and experts in our private social network. 

Private education topics include:

  • Practical Applications of Cannabis Medicine for Nurses
  • Post Traumatic Growth: The Lotus Theory
  • Activating Your Cannabis Community
  • Positively Processing Perception