Janna Champagne, BSN, RN

Autism, Autoimmune, Cannabis Therapy, Clinical Application, Mental Health, Pediatrics | CNNC 2019


JANNA CHAMPAGNE, BSN, RN, graduated with a BSN from OHSU, and has a background of acute care Ortho/Neuro and Cardiovascular Cath Lab Recovery (critical care). After becoming disenchanted with mainstream medical options to treat her own chronic condition, she began extensively researching and found natural tools to promote holistic healing and sustain optimal health.

This led to Janna founding Integrated Holistic Care, a Southern Oregon nonprofit medical and health education organization dedicated a whole systems approach to health.

Nurse Janna’s focus is holistic treatment, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals that include cannabis therapy, and epigenetic screening (nutrigenomics) and her specialties include Autism/Pediatrics, Autoimmune/Inflammatory Disease, Neuro/Mental Health Dysfunction, and Chronic Pain Syndromes. Nurse Janna is an active member of Cannabis Nurses Network, Patients for Safe Access, and Oregon Holistic Nurses Association.

I have learned how to assess and determine an individual client’s considerations of cannabis therapy, and using this information, guide targeted cannabis therapy patient education.

Janna Champagne, BSN, RN

Educator of the Year | Founding Member | Leader of Nursing | Speakers Bureau