Dawn-Marie Steenstra LPN, SDC, QA, SCC

Baby Boomers, Geriatrics, Nurses Training, Opioid Reduction, Palliative Care | CNNC 2019 | 2020


DAWN-MARIE STEENSTRA has always been a passionate patient advocate. She owned and operated her own assisted living in her home since the age of 20, caring for primarily deinstitutionalized psychiatric elderly women. In 1996, Dawn-Marie completed college as a practical nurse and since 1998, has specialized in staff development, quality assurance, and infection control.

Dawn-Marie learned about cannabis as a wellness option 10 months post breast cancer and thereafter jumped headlong into the industry. She has since worked with The American Cannabis Nurses Association, Patients Out of Time, Americans For Safe Access, United Patients Group and most recently , was privileged to co-produce Season 2 of “The Sacred Plant” showcasing the alongside John Malanca in her role as National Ambassador for United Patients Group.

Her goals in cannabis reform concentrate primarily on education and excellence in practice of cannabinoid therapeutics, nursing and business.

“Once you learn the truth, there is no turning back, only moving forward with more passion and determination to reach and teach others. There is no greater moment than the light of understanding coming across a new student of the movement’s face.”

Dawn-Marie Steenstra LPN, SDC, QA, SCC

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