Gloria Lynne Smith, RN-BC, BSN

ACLS, Cannabis, MS, Muscular Dystrophy, Telemetry | CNNC 2022


Gloria has an extensive background in the healthcare field, starting in her teens as an Emergency Medical Technician. As a nurse, she pursued her career goal of having a varied professional experience to get the broad-spectrum education she so desired. Gloria has worked in specialties such as emergency medicine, telemetry, neurology, oncology, endoscopy, hospice, and ICU.

Gloria also spent years working with top Multiple Sclerosis doctors and was heavily involved with their medical marijuana program. While working with these patients, she saw over and over the wellness that cannabis was facilitating. Patients who had suffered from unrelenting nerve pain, sometimes for decades, would frequently get relief from their first use!

Things change daily - keep your finger on the pulse while remaining patient.

Gloria Lynne Smith, RN-BC, BSN

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