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Cannabis Nurses Network offers a private, members only platform where our members, students and experts can connect, share and learn. But this is way beyond a “private Facebook Group”.

Annual members get the best that Cannabis Nurses Network has to offer. Our Annual Members have opportunities to promote their business, develop an expertise, give & receive mentorship, becoming truly expert cannabis nurses. Annual members have access to our experts, our partners and the latest in cannabis nursing education.

Annual Membership fully equips revolutionary Cannabis Nurses, Advocates, Experts & Entrepreneurs. 

Do you want to be invited to speak at conferences and local events? Apply to the Speakers Bureau. Looking to establish yourself as an expert & launch an education program? We offer dedicated members the option to build your programs on our platform with profit sharing. Just looking to get started? 

It takes a special kind of grit to be a cannabis nurse, to be an activist, and in a tide of stigma and conflicting legislation, find ways to help and heal ones community and to advance oneself.

Annual Membership is exclusively designed & built to support your journey as a cannabis nurse.

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  • On-going members-only education sessions
  • A community of active cannabis nurses
  • Unprecedented discounts on education programs
  • Professional opportunities for growth & advancement
  • 50% Discount on CNNC Tickets
  • Unique event experiences
  • Full spectrum cannabis nurse career development

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  • Industry recognition of your expertise

  • Unprecedented access to the experts

  • Profound impact on your community

  • Active contribution to cannabis medicine

The cost of membership alone is worth the incredible pricing on Cannabis Nurses Network Conference tickets!
The annual Cannabis Nurses Network Conference is an unprecedented opportunity for licensed medical professionals to connect with experts in the industry, get career advancing education (with accredited continuing education credits) and experience hands-on workshops in holistic cannabis medicine.

Members get 50% off full price conference tickets!


Advocacy events, dispensary & lab tours, awards shows, celebrity athlete panels, hands-on workshops, CEU’s, and the coolest nurses on the planet. #CNNC is the place to be.

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Vision in Action

Cannabis Nurses Network Cornerstone Projects

A revolution in practice.

Our mission is simple. Empower nurses through education, opportunity, recognition & advocacy. 

But this is no simple task. It takes a Network.

  • Provide nurses and licensed medical professionals with education.
  • Offer unprecedented opportunities to become thought leaders in their communities, authors, educators and speakers.
  • Recognize the incredible work being done in cannabis medicine.
  • Advocating for safe access and protection of patients, nurses, and nurses who are patients.

Members benefit from these Cornerstone Projects, and contribute to their success.

Cannabis Nurses Network makes it possible for nurses and licensed medical professionals to immediately impact the future cannabis medicine by contributing their expertise NOW.


Cannabis Nurses Network provides quality Education for ongoing continued learning and development of knowledgeable cannabis medical professionals. Through education and sharing information, cannabis nurses are supported in gaining knowledge, experience, and confidence.

Knowledgeable nurses who have understanding of the Endocannabinoid System and Cannabinoid Therapeutics are making major impacts within the healthcare & legal systems, and changing wellness industries worldwide.

Several ongoing Education Cornerstone Projects encourage our members to contribute their expertise to the further education of others, and provide opportunities to be recognized for contributions to the industry. Membership includes unlimited digital access to Cannabis Nurses Media, featuring medical studies, nursing profiles and articles on cannabis nursing.

Member access to the CNN Members platform where others share resources, media and the most recent practical applications with our members who can continue leverage their education to advance their career.


Cannabis Nurses Network provides Opportunity for nurses to connect with like-minded healthcare professionals, participate in substantial thought-leader action projects, and offers unique opportunities for nurses to promote themselves and their businesses.

Exclusive opportunities are offered to our members as a result of the strong relationships that our members have created within their respective communities, and our organization has created with others. Members are offered  unprecedented opportunities that will help them grow their personal business and reputation within the industry.

Lead an education event, participate in a medical study, contribute research, publish your own content with Cannabis Nurses Media or some of our partners; Cannabis Nurses Network is serious about creating & leveraging opportunities for our members to advance.


Advocacy is an essential function of nursing care. As nurses we advocate for our patients; as cannabis nurses we advocate for cannabis patients. As cannabis patients, we advocate for ourselves.

Cannabis Nurses Network advocates for the health, equality, wellness and professional safety of nurses who are embarking on the cannabis nurse journey for themselves and/or their patients.

Members are encouraged to join our advocacy efforts that include suggesting legislation changes, advocating for patient rights to safe access, and influencing nursing best care practices around the globe. Organizations looking to affect change can share their advocacy opportunities with the Cannabis Nurses Network audience to expand their influence! Advocacy is a collaborative act.


Cannabis Nurses Network honors and recognizes the diligently dedicated work being conducted by individual cannabis nurses and medical professionals worldwide. Actions and efforts of nurses can often be overlooked and under-appreciated, but honoring and recognizing nurses is built into what we do.

Cannabis Nurses Network provides a platform for Recognition where nurses’ efforts and successes are supported, shared and celebrated. A special awards ceremony at the Cannabis Nurses Network Conference each year recognizes excellence in addition to ongoing features of thought leaders and incredible medical professionals.