A Revolution in Healthcare
PROGRAM: Complete CNNC 2020 Education Programming

Advanced. Revolutionary. Accredited.

Experienced Cannabis Nursing
& Human Care

for Nurses & Licensed Medical Professionals

The experts who brought their insights to CNNC this year revealed opportunities for our community & profession to revolutionize & move forward; at the same time, every part of the world assesses its systems and parts. 

How do we create and realize a better world for our patients, for ourselves, for our profession and industry? 

The answers, the inspiration, the leading-edge thinking, and the visionaries behind the real Revolution in Healthcare are here to answer that question. 

It takes a special kind of grit to be a cannabis nurse, to be an activist, and in the tide of a pandemic, find ways to help and heal ones community and to advance oneself. And yet, here you are. You’re in the right place.

It’s our intent that this program serves you as a form of self care, firing you up with healthy doses of inspiration, and ah-ha moments. 

We hope that this will start many conversations. We hope that this program inspires you to take action, to grow your community, and to shift what the future of healthcare can really look like. 

Accredited Nursing Education Topics Include:
  • NCSBN Guidelines and Recommendations
  • Advanced medical cannabis practical applications
  • Post Traumatic Growth & PTSD
  • Cannabis Nursing & Nurse Entrepreneurship
  • Research & Information Practices
  • Political & Legal Landscape
  • Patient Empowerment
  • Indigenous & Traditional Healing
  • Hemp & CBD
  • Cannabis & Cancer,  Pharmaceuticals, Neurology, Psychiatry, OB-GYN
  • Healing Touch & Massage

What Others Have To Say

Testimonials & Reviews

Without any real experience in the professional world of cannabis, and no familiarity with the speakers, I wasn’t sure about the value especially considering the conference had to take on a virtual format.

It was thrilling to discover this resource of similarly minded healthcare professionals. The conference was amazing.

I was impressed with the broad array of topics and the varied backgrounds and experience of the speakers. There was definitely something for everyone, subjects I hadn’t thought about, and it was totally accessible with room for new ideas and open discussion.

Inspiring! Great job putting this program together!!! Thank YOU.

E. Constantine

Annual Member, Program Student

This entire “virtual” experience was a huge surprise in that the vibe and love and support and connection was still THERE, and STRONG! This tribe is such a blessing in so many ways I cannot express.

The shared vulnerability , strength, courage, and knowledge presented so succinctly cannot be found ANYWHERE else like this in the entire cannabis community. I am so proud and thrilled to be a part of the continued growth of our members.

D. Steenstra

Founding Member, Instructor

I appreciated hearing the lived experience of working with medical cannabis patients. as I don’t have personal hands-on patient care.

I liked the emphasis on individualized, integrative medicine and the inclusion of all plant medicines.

I don’t feel so alone in my efforts to educate other healthcare professionals or feel so alone in witnessing the failures of our current model of healthcare harming loved ones.

I am especially excited when Dr. Russo presents research–so I have more tools in my toolbox to deflect Reefer Madness claims of cannabis causing insanity, psychosis, depression, etc.

Thank you CNN, this was an amazing learning experience and you pulled it all together in a well organized and inspirational way.

W. G-Viviani

Annual Member, Program Student

I learned an immense amount of knowledge, I am so thankful that the symposium is available for replay so we can go back and take notes.

It was inspiring to see the speakers presentations – and I would absolutely love info on how to be involved next year!

Thank you so much for everyone’s time and effort in regards to their presentation… with all of these professional nurses out there advocating in the community it is just so inspiring!

A. Holland

New Member, Program Student

Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurship

Compelling Perspectives on
the Future of Nursing

Building on the programming offered in 2019, A Revolution in Healthcare is an advanced and profound look at the power of medical cannabis in action.

The year’s events leading up to CNNC 2020 revealed with force what opportunities and demanding needs there are for a revolution in healthcare. Cannabis Nurses Network brought the important, amazing speakers and educators to inspire nurses around the globe to join in that change.

From topics giving guidance on nurse entrepreneurship, to the intricate journey of navigating cancer with medical cannabis – A Revolution in Healthcare addresses the most requested topics for advancing nurses in cannabis medicine.

The complete program is accessed on our private, members only platform where you can participate with other students, watch the videos, download presentations for your notes, ask the instructors questions, with additional resources & continued learning opportunities.

Truly inspiring and leading education experience presented in 2020 during the 5th Cannabis Nurses Network Conference; held virtually for the 1st time.

Course Disclosures:

Criteria for successful completion of this activity:

Completion of online modules, viewing presenter videos, and activity evaluation submission.

A Revolution in Healthcare‍, 2022-0000000731, approval for 14 contact hour(s) for nurses.


Program Access Includes:

  • Course content access
  • Social access to our CNN Members private social platform
  • 14 contact hours of continued nursing education
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to instructors

This program is the recorded Essential Education and Expert Panel Sessions from A Revolution in Healthcare, the comprehensive cannabis nurse education program offered during Cannabis Nurses Network Conference 2020.


Advancing Nursing Education Course Topics:

NCSBN Nursing Guidelines | Cancer Care| PTSD & Post Traumatic Growth | Future Opportunities | Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurship | Political & Advocacy Landscape | Patient Empowerment | Hemp & CBD | Pharmaceutical Considerations | Nursing Partnerships |  Psilocybin Legislation | Massage & Healing Touch | Indigenous & Spiritual Plant Medicine