Nurturing Nursing Partnerships

Expert Panel Session | CNNC 2020


Successful nursing partnerships

How can I succeed with other nurses through business, passion projects and working relationships?

Nurse entrepreneurs prove that collaboration and partnerships can lead to greater advancement, innovation, and success. Alone we can go fast, but together we can go far.

Explore how nurses can collaborate to accomplish goals and create successful partnerships with power and purpose.

Panel Experts

Sandra Guynes MSN RN

Sandra Guynes MSN RN has been a long time advocate, educator and provider of holistic health to mothers and babies. With a personal understanding of postpartum depression and anxiety, Sandra works with women, veterans and their families navigating cannabis for health and wellness.

Katherine Golden, RN CEO ED

Katherine Golden, RN, has served the medical community for over 22 years and for the past 3+ years has worked as a cannabis nurse educator and consultant. She is the CEO, Executive Director & Co-Founder of the cannabis nonprofit Leaf411 founded in November 2018. Katherine has obtained seven separate cannabis-related nursing certificates through The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI Global) and has completed Cannabis Therapeutics for Medical Professional through Radicle Health.

Jennifer Axcell

Jennifer is a passionate creative and business strategist with background in multiple fields. Her current role as Co-Founder, COO and Executive Board President of the nonprofit Leaf411™ capitalizes on her 12 years of small business development experience and nonprofit involvement.

Ivory Davis MN, RN

Ivory Davis is the Owner of Rosenthal Consulting Solutions, LLC (RCS); a minority, nurse-owned case management consulting firm specializing in Worker’s Compensation. RCS in partnership with Louisiana Cannabis Nurse Navigator, LLC offers a concierge Cannabis nurse case management program to assist Louisiana Medical Cannabis participants with navigating through the program.