Exploring the Information Practices of Cannabis Nurses

Continued Education Session | CNNC 2020


Debuting Results of a Year-Long Study into the Information Practices of Cannabis Nurses

How are nurses learning about cannabis therapeutics and what is their role in mainstream medicine?

Discussion of the four types of information practices with which cannabis nurses are engaged; the emergence of the identity of the cannabis nurse; the emergence of a network of practice among cannabis nurses; how cannabis nurses are using information to breakdown the twin barriers of stigma and misinformation about cannabis.

How nurses are learning about the therapeutic use of cannabis as well as how to deliver cannabis care to patients; how the development of cannabis nurses as cognitive authorities in cannabis care is pushing the adoption of cannabis care in mainstream medicine; and what kinds of information systems and technology are missing for cannabis nurses.


Connie Pascal, Ph.D

Connie Pascal is a Ph. in Information, Communication, and Media Studies (ABD) from the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers University. Her doctoral research ‘Exploring the Information Practices of Cannabis Nurses’ focuses on understanding the informatics and information practices of self-described ‘cannabis nurses’ as they learn how to incorporate cannabis-based medicine into their personal practice of medicine.