Lessons from Plant Messengers

Expert Panel Session | CNNC 2020


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, Traditional Healing and the Sacred Garden

How can traditional knowledge and scientific knowledge merge through psychedelic plant medicine teachings?

Psychedelic research has been revived and is producing fascinating findings and results. Cannabis assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy are now on the new frontier of medicine. Healers and cultural plant messengers have been using traditional plant knowledge and spiritual healing practices for generations. During this revolutionary session, we will explore both.

Expand your mind and explore the new therapeutic potential of some of the oldest and wisest plant medicine on the planet.

Panel Experts

Bernadette Torres

Bernadette Torres, Herbalist, Healer, Certified Health Facilitator, began her journey with medicinal plants and healing as a child in the mountains of Blacklake, New Mexico where her father was born and where he introduced her to her first healing plants.

Ashéninka Mino

Mino’s vision is to continue sowing seeds and growing wholesome communities of plants and people while helping to bring balance to all the beings of Mother Earth.