The Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur Toolkit

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Putting Cannabis Nursing into Practice

Empowering nurses with the practical application skills they need to feel confident exercising what they know about cannabis medicine in their day to day businesses is what Cannabis Nurses Network is all about.

To make sure that cannabis nurse entrepreneurs are equipped with the documents, mentorship and support they need, we have created a set of tools that you can use to begin immediately incorporating practical application of cannabis medicine with your patients.

Part of what makes working with other nurses so important, is the ability to ask questions, confirm choices and generally have a sounding board of professionals to guide you along the way. Even cannabis nurses need these important connections.

Meet the Clinical Brain Trust – a private group for nurses who are actively applying cannabis medicine to their patients, where you can ask other practicing nurses for insights, help on specific patient issues, etc.

Along with this private group, we have created a downloadable, customizable Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur Toolkit with essential document templates, guidelines and recommendations you can use to guide your practical applications in your patient practice. This toolkit is available for download in the Clinical Brain Trust group.

Included in the Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur Toolkit:

  • New Patient Intake Form Template – customize with your personal business information & logo and you’re ready to go!
  • Patient Care Plan Template – customize with your business logo, and give your patients guidance they can use to find necessary medication.
  • Patient Medical Release Template – a blank template for you to use in your office.
  • Patient Handbook Template – give your patients the tool they need to understand cannabis medicine basics. It includes links and guidance – and you can customize it for your own business!
  • Patient Journal Notes & Response Tracking Form – help your patients clarify their goals, and track their progress with this handy template that you can customize for your own business!
  • SOAP Chart Template – Include the important patient notes during your consultations and use this as a checklist for assessments.

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