Post Traumatic Growth: The Lotus Theory & Toolkit

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An original, webinar education series on a holistic approach supporting someone experiencing PTSD and their subsequent bloom into Post Traumatic Growth, with Cannabis Nurses Network Founder, Heather Manus.


Post Traumatic Growth: The Lotus Theory

Explore important thinking on trauma recovery, with an eye toward finding a healthy development of post-traumatic growth. In this 90-minute, deep dive education session, discussing the measurements used to explore someone’s post-traumatic growth and go in depth on how this important thinking helps us identify opportunities to benefit those suffering from trauma.

Post Traumatic Growth: The Lotus Theory is a deeper look at trauma recovery against the metaphor of a lotus and it’s potential for growth.


The Lotus Toolkit

Put the Lotus Theory into practice with these tools. Created by Heather Manus, RN, The Lotus Toolkit expands on the Lotus Theory with applicable methods and guidance for supporting our loved ones towards their growth.

The Lotus Toolkit is a series of practical application tools that help you identify the opportunities inside of traumatic experiences. 


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