Practical Application of Cannabis Medicine for Nurses

CNN Showcase: Original Education Sessions offered to our Annual Members

This original education series is brought to the Cannabis Nurses Network by one of our Founding Members, Janna Champagne, BSN, RN. In this three part series, go beyond the basics of the endocannabinoid system, into understanding and applying cannabinoid therapies. Each session has presentation slides, additional learning resources and webinar replay. 

Practical Application of Medical Cannabis for Nurses

Basic Practical Applications & Theory Review 
A brief history/theory review of endocannabinoid system basics followed by rationale for the practical nursing approach to patient assessment including patient education and writing care plans. Presentation also includes scope of practice legalities, NCSBN Guidelines and legal gray areas.

Cannabinoids, Terpenes & Medical Quality Formulations
Review cannabinoids (limited to those available for purchase), how to calculate dosages from lab results, cannabinoid indications supported by research, review of terpenes and their importance, and understanding the difference between various products – specifically what is considered medical quality.

Charting, Practical Applications & Considerations
Clinical application practice with sample case studies, applying cannabis research outcomes to several different scenarios, along with a hands on review of the assessment/care planning process.

Putting Cannabis Nursing Into Practice

We have created a set of tools that you can use to begin immediately incorporating practical application of cannabis medicine with your patients.

Part of what makes working with other nurses so important, is the ability to ask questions, confirm choices and generally have a sounding board of professionals to guide you along the way. Even cannabis nurses need these important connections.

Meet the Clinical Brain Trust – a private group for nurses who are actively applying cannabis medicine to their patients, where you can ask other practicing nurses for insights, help on specific patient issues, etc.

Along with this private group, we have created a downloadable, customizable Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur Toolkit with essential document templates, guidelines and recommendations you can use to guide your practical applications in your patient practice.

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