Essential Strategy for Nurse Entrepreneurs: Mini Series

CNN Showcase: Original Education Sessions offered to our Annual Members

A mini-series brought to you by Starlight Mundy

  • Have you ever hired a freelancer to help you and the two of you just couldn’t align on a vision?
  • Have you launched your business, and it’s doing okay… but you know you could be doing more, if you had the right insight?
  • Have you said, “I know I should be ‘doing social media’ but I don’t want to waste my time posting every day for nothing…”
  • “I want to be sharing articles or blogs with my community, but I’m not sure what they want to learn about”…

These sessions will get you on the right track.

Starlight, the Director of Program & Strategy at Cannabis Nurses Network, has been working one-on-one as a business launch coach & strategist with clients for several years and in the process, she’s noticed some key points where growing entrepreneurs encounter significant, but avoidable problems. Addressing and solving those problems is part of the program she uses with clients called Project: LAUNCH.

For this mini-series, she pulled three of the key sessions, templates & workbooks from Project: LAUNCH to share with CNN Annual Members.

Session One: Know Yourself

What is the big why behind your business? What will keep you going, even when you run into obstacles? Map it out now, and you have built one of the essential cornerstones to your business foundation. This step is so important, I don’t work with a client until they’ve completed it.

Session Two: Customer Research

Learn how to hone in on your target customers, and offer them exactly what they need on their journey. Learn how to communicate and learn from your customers and you will navigate obstacles with ease. Customer research continues to be the most valuable, least understood tool in an entrepreneurs arsenal.

Session Three: Content, Social Media & Digital Strategy

It can be tough to figure out how to put all the parts of your online presence into an effective machine that continues to grow and bring you benefit. This is the essential formula for doing the essential, non-negotiable minimum on social media and your website, while getting the very most out of it. You’re going to find yourself doing these steps a million times over, you might as well make it effortless and automated

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