Cornerstone Projects: Real Impact Opportunities

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If you’ve been wanting to get more involved with Cannabis Nurses Network and helping us further our mission, this is the information that will help you identify your opportunities to participate. 

Each department of our mission statement, Education, Opportunity, Recognition & Advocacy have a dedicated team of expert nurses and professionals who are helping realize this mission every day.

We put our words & passions into action with Cornerstone Projects; a series of projects for each aspect of our Mission Statement.

Did You Know?

Our Cornerstone Project Teams are comprised of Cannabis Nurse Network Members.

We are serious about empowering nurses – that means giving the remarkable talent in our network real career & business advancing opportunities:

  • to become recognized as educators
  • to gain expertise as speakers and panelists
  • rewarding collaboration and advocacy
  • sharing professional advancement opportunities
  • providing continuing education credits
  • influencing the future of cannabis in thought leadership

But we’re not doing it alone. 

This community of cannabis nurses continues to grow because we are dedicated to collaboration and mutual development.

How All This Applies To You:

We want to share with you the important projects we are working on to help CNN grow & make a real impact in the world.

Some of these projects are actively looking for amazing nurses, just like you.

That’s right. YOU can join a Cornerstone Project and help advance cannabis nursing and medicine in a hands-on, impactful and measurable way.

What it really means to be involved:

This isn’t some easy-breezy-swing-thru-get-your-name-on-a-placard type job. We are looking for people who are serious about creating a powerful network of empowered, educated cannabis nurses.

Our team & project engagements are designed to be as effective as possible, with measurable outcomes that can be demonstrated and tracked. We are looking for team members who have the ability to commit to their project and balance their ongoing commitments with active commitment to CNN.

Project membership is a one year minimum commitment.

During this time, in addition to completing tasks involved with your project, we may expect the following:

  • Communicate professionally and directly with Team Captain when asking questions, raising concerns, seeking feedback or guidance.
  • Review & engage in communications between other Team Members.
  • Collaborate with Team Captain & other Team Members to accomplish prioritized project goals and personal assignments.
  • Ethical behaviors, respect and high standard business practices conducted during all work project interactions and approaches when representing Cannabis Nurses Network.
  • Utilize skills, expertise, experience, enthusiasm, participation, and vision to ensure the success of the project.

We reward this commitment with unprecedented access, discounts and benefits that are discussed during your application process.

If you are on board with this, we want to hear from you. Check out each Cornerstone Project and if one inspires you to participate,apply to the project of your choosing.

Explore everything network membership offers you.

Top tier education, professional development, unprecedented opportunities for growth and advancement - Cannabis Nurses Network invests everything into our Annual Members. 

We are educating, empowering and advocating for a revolution in healthcare. You belong here. Join us.