Cannabis Patient Care

Expert Panel Session | CNNC 2019


Exploring Cannabis Patient Care

How do nurses assist cannabis patients?

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) published guidelines state that “In addition to ethical responsibilities under the nurse’s jurisdictional law, the nurse shall approach the patient without judgement regarding the patient’s choice of treatment or preferences in managing pain and other distressing symptoms.” According to Gallup Polls, Nurses are the most trusted profession in America. As a result, patients are seeking nurses out for cannabis assistance in the form of wellness consulting and educational services.

Discover the benefits and challenges related to cannabis patient care. Learn how to incorporate cannabis care into nursing practice, how to conduct a cannabis patient assessment, how to address documentation, and who to communicate and involve with the care of a cannabis patient.

Panel Experts

Lisa Buchanan, RN, OCN

Lisa operates Paisley Nursing Group, is a medical marijuana consultant, and is part of the management team at Dockside Cannabis. She volunteers for Seattle Hempfest and Norml Women of Washington, sharing evidence-based information and actively striving to change the stigma about cannabis use.

Dawn-Marie Steenstra LPN, SDC, QA, SCC

A passionate patient advocate. She owned and operated her own assisted living in her home since the age of 20, caring for primarily deinstitutionalized psychiatric elderly women. In 1996, Dawn-Marie completed college as a practical nurse and since 1998, has specialized in staff development, quality assurance, and infection control.

Barbara Blaser, RN

BARBARA BLASER worked in the mental health field for over 30 years. She was the Director of the Illinois MISA Institute University of Chicago when she and her family moved to California in 2002. Barbara retired in 2013 from Clinical Director position in a local hospice. In 2015 she returned to work as Clinical Director at Magnolia Wellness.