Lisa Buchanan, RN, OCN

Advocacy, Endocannabinoid System, Lifelong Learning, Oncology, Quality of LIfe | CNNC 2019


LISA BUCHANAN is a Registered Nurse and Patient Advocate who has cared for patients in Washington state for more than 25 years. Her specialty is Oncology (cancer) care and she has been an Oncology Certified Nurse since 2013.

Lisa operates Paisley Nursing Group, is a medical marijuana consultant, and is part of the management team at Dockside Cannabis. She volunteers for Seattle Hempfest and Norml Women of Washington, sharing evidence-based information and actively striving to change the stigma about cannabis use.

“Cannabis is personalized medicine. Each one of us is unique and may use cannabis in a different way. The safety profile of cannabis allows the user to research the best dose and method of use for their particular need.“

Lisa Buchanan, RN, OCN

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