In Recognition of Cannabis Nurses Network 2022 Annual Award Winners!

by | Jan 2, 2023 | CNN News

Each year, Cannabis Nurses Network polls our members for leaders & experts in the cannabis nursing industry.

During our Annual Cannabis Nurse Celebration in December, we hold a vote to narrow that list of amazing nominees down to a winner in a few key categories.

We’re DELIGHTED to share the winners for 2022: Annual Cannabis Nurses Network Awards

2022 Nurse Entrepreneurs of the Year:

This years industry leading entrepreneurs was a vote-tie between Megan Mbengue and Ashley Winn-Grimes!
These are nurse entrepreneurs to watch!! So many of our members are at various stages in their nurse entrepreneurship! We are HONORED to help our members accelerate their growth with industry connections and entrepreneurship education.

2022 Nurse Educator of the Year:

One of our core educators and founding members, Janna Champagne has been sharing her expertise with CNN members for years! Annual members get access to Intro to Cannabis Medicine for Nurses and Practical Applications program to help them quickly ramp up on the Endocannabinoid System basics and start putting their knowledge into action!



2022 Nurse Advocate of the Year:

Shonda Broom is the nurse behind #justiceforShonda where she shares her story about being a nurse in the cannabis space (and losing her license!), and is leading the charge to ensure that medical cannabis laws & protections include nurses too! Her voice is essential to understanding how cannabis nursing still has SO far to go, and encouraging nurses to forge their own path!



2022 Contributor of the Year:

This special award is a direct thank you from the Cannabis Nurses Network community! Nique Pichette is CNN’s Contributor of the Year, sharing her research, leading Research Roundtable events for members, podcast and program Positively Processing Perception – her investment into our community is invaluable!



2022 Up & Coming Nurse of the Year:

This award category is a new one for 2022! We wanted to recognize the nurses in our Network who are making amazing moves and inspiring everyone in their wake! Shakira Franklyn is the embodiment of Up & Coming!! She joined us a new member, joined the CNN Speakers Bureau, shared her expertise at CNNC 2022 and started a business – all while being a standout member! She’s impressed everyone since coming onto the scene!



2022 Nurse Mentor of the Year:

Another new category for 2022, Nurse Mentor of the Year is to recognize the nurse who has lowered the ladder for everyone coming up behind them. We can’t say anyone was surprised when Cannabis Nurse Heather was voted as our Nurse Mentor of the Year in recognition of her immeasurable contributions to the cannabis nursing industry & community – and all the ways she has designed opportunities, programs & shared her expertise to help the nurses who came behind her to excel!

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