R. Gage Amsler

Cannabis, Land Race Genetics, Veteran PTSD | CNNC 2020


R. 'Doc" Gage Amsler has served in a US military Recon LAV Unit, as a Firefighter & Paramedic and as a High Threat Security Contractor & Combat Medic for 7 years of war. He's found salvation, and he’s lost loved ones. He now lives in Michigan where, after returning home from war, he wrote his true story book entitled 'The Strains of War' and has also become a strong advocate for the health and welfare of U.S. Military Veterans and anyone suffering from PTSD, as well as the use of cannabis for medical treatment and beyond.

Cannabis is medicine, and along with the proper therapy and environment, those suffering in silence can stay on a road of recovery for the rest of their lives in peace.

R. Gage Amsler