Jamie Rollins RN, BSN, CYT

Community Health, Hospice, Palliative Care, Psychiatric Nursing, Yoga | CNNC 2020


Jamie Rollins RN, BSN, CYT is a practicing Cannabis Nurse in the state of Florida. She has spent the last 15 years working in Public Health, Psychiatric, and Hospice Nursing. Her strong passion to educate people about the power of cannabis and her own personal story led Jamie to start a community cannabis clinic in her small town, providing medical cannabis recommendations and 1:1 consultations.

She is also certified to teach yoga and holds regular workshops combining cannabis education and restorative yoga.

Jamie offers free educational lectures throughout her community to help empower through education, break the stigma and start the conversation about cannabis as medicine. She has spoken at CWCBExpo In NYC and TheCannaBiz Summit in Malta.

Be PRESENT! Put your phones down! Bring a recording device and a way to take notes. Keep an open mind and don't worry if you become overwhelmed you are surrounded by nurturing supportive empowered cannabis nurses! This is a marathon not a sprint 🙂

Jamie Rollins RN, BSN, CYT

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