Dedee Cully RN

Business, Home Health, brain cancer | CNNC 2021 | 2022


Dedee Culley’s journey to become a cannabis nurse began with her grandmothers who taught her the healing power of herbs and natural remedies and led her dug deeper into holistic and naturopathic therapies as an RN. In 2014, she discovered ways to better manage here chronic pain and anxiety with holistic and naturopathic therapies, including cannabis, over prescriptions. In 2018, her husband was diagnosed with glioblastoma, terminal brain cancer. "While we were beyond devastated, I knew first that God had a plan and I researched day and night to find what would provide the best hope. Again, I found cannabis. I also found other nurses doing what I knew I was called to do as well: be a cannabis nurse."

Learning is lifelong. Enjoy the ride, take in the moments, experience the energy, and be present. The rest will come.

Dedee Cully RN

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