Dedee Cully RN

Community Education, Home Health, brain cancer, chronic health conditions, complex cases, dispensary training/support | CNNC 2021


Dedee Culley, RN/owner of 2 Leaf Nurses consults with patients independently, in dispensaries and teaches community locally and virtually. Her cannabis training includes The Medical Cannabis Institute (TCMI), five certificates from Trichome Institute and three certificates from the Healer Certified Program at She is an active member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), Cannabis Nurses Network (CNN), American Nurses Association (ANA), and Missouri Nurses Association (MONA), where she serves as SW Regional Chair/Membership Chair. She also serves as Vice President of the Glioblastoma Support Network. Her passion runs deep for complex patients, families enduring brain cancer and advocating for all nurses.

The cannabis nursing community is like none other I have experienced in 20 years! Come prepared to be inspired, challenged, and supported while you learn about aspects of cannabis and patient advocacy you never thought were possible.

Dedee Cully RN

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