Deanna Mautz, BSN RN

Oncology, cancer symptom management, cannabis to invoke self-healing, genomics and cannabis | CNNC 2021


Deanna Mautz, BSN RN is a Nurse Consultant, cannabis advocate and educator. She teaches clients how to utilize nutrition and Cannabis to invoke the power of self-healing.

Deanna has been a Registered Nurse for 13 year, working in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, and Public Health. After a family member’s diagnosis of cancer, she began researching and utilizing cannabis as medicine.

Combining her love for health, her experience in clinical setting, continuing education courses, and personal experiences she began consulting to guide clients to optimize wellness outcomes.

Now she is making it her life’s work to help more people to invoke self-healing through integrative options to include nutrigenomics and cannabis as medicine.

Get involved! Speak up and speak out. Connect with others in the field! Always keep learning.

Deanna Mautz, BSN RN