An Individualized Patient Approach

Expert Panel Session | CNNC 2021


An Individualized Patient Approach

All humans have an endocannabinoid system; yet each person has unique needs and circumstances.

Learning to assess the individual person and perceptions surrounding dis-ease is an empowering way to provide endocannabinoid system care.

Panel Experts

Nique Pichette MSN, RN

A professional registered nurse with Cannabis-specific knowledge who offers individualized assistance to patients, families, and caregivers to help overcome healthcare system barriers.

Heather Shelton BSN, RN

Heather Shelton has been a student of plant medicine for the last two decades and has been a practicing herbalist for the last ten years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and spent nine years working in Emergency medicine. She apprenticed for two years with Rosemary Gladstar whom many call the “fairy godmother of herbalism”.

Deanna Mautz, BSN RN

Deanna Mautz, BSN RN is a Nurse Consultant, cannabis advocate and educator. She teaches clients how to utilize nutrition and Cannabis to invoke the power of self-healing.