Ashéninka Mino

Emotional Health, Mental Health, Physical Health, Spiritual Health | CNNC 2020


Mino comes from a family of healers in Peru. His grandfather, Sheripiari (healer, who works with Sacred Tobacco) Kentzikoari, traveled on foot and by spirit to many nearby communities to work with sick people. Mino, as a child, was learning as he sat next to and watched his grandfather. It is natural among the Ashéninka to use all the natural elements that grow around them. His parents guided Mino to continue learning the wisdom of the sacred plants that help heal through Ashéninka Traditional Healing. Mino has continued to develop his traditional knowledge and put into practice his work for the comfort of the North American people using the infinite power of Pawa(God), Sheri(Sacred Tobacco), sacred stone, sacred fire, feather and more techniques.

Nature wants to help and heal us!

Ashéninka Mino