Uwe Blesching, PhD

Cannabinoid Health Sciences, Custom Formulations, Evidence Based Reviews, Medical Writing, Precision Applications | CNNC 2019


UWE BLESCHING, is a medical writer and regular contributor to the cannabinoid health sciences, mind-body medicine, phytopharmacology, as well as evidence-based illness prevention and treatment protocols.

In addition to his lifelong passion for Integrative Medicine, his books such as the Cannabis Health Index, Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addiction, or Heal Yourself With Cannabis are informed by Blesching’s rigorous in depth research and twenty years experience in emergency medicine as a Paramedic for the City of San Francisco.

He holds a BA in Humanities from the New College of California; an MA in Psychology and a PhD in Higher Education and Social Change from the Western Institute for Social Research.

“The endocannabinoid system is the biological basis for mind body medicine”

Uwe Blesching, PhD