Stormy Simon

Career Changes, E-Commerce, Startups | CNNC 2019


STORMY SIMON was an instrumental player in the development of Ecommerce through her 15 years at She entered the company as a temp in 2001 and within 2 years had become the VP of Branding with her production of the iconic “Discover the Secret of the Big O” campaign.

Stormy went on to develop many departments winning numerous awards for her efforts in marketing and customer care. She was the International spokesperson for years and has been featured on CNN, Forbes, Inc. 500, and many other media outlets. Stormy was named a 2016 Power Player by the National Retail Federation and Top Innovator from Utah Womens Tech Council.

In 2016, she left Overstock as President and member of the board to explore the emerging cannabis industry where she currently lends services to female owned start ups, serves on the Board of Directors for High Times, Mtrac and Advisory Board Member of CannaKids. Her favorite new venture is Pink Sesh Society, founded in San Diego.

“During my time in the Cannabis industry I have come to understand more about the plant enabling me to remove myself from all daily pharmaceutical drugs.“

Stormy Simon