Natalie McBrayer BSN, RN, RYT, MJ

Cannabinoid Therapeutics, Dosing Guidelines, Medical Cannabis, Pain Management, Patient Education, cannabis nursing | CNNC 2020


NATALIE MCBRAYER is a nurse educator and certified cannabis consultant working in Seattle, WA with over seven years of experience in ambulatory nursing and patient education. She has completed post-baccalaureate training in functional medicine, reiki, mindful awareness in body-oriented therapies (MABT), and is a registered yoga teacher.

She partners with clients in a variety of settings to offer expert cannabis consultation services. These services include, but are not limited to, informing healthcare organization policies, educating nurses and providers on medicinal cannabis, guest speaking at medical conferences and consulting with patients both one-on-one and in group sessions.

The most important advice I can offer nurses is to take the information they learn from this conference home with them! The best way to combat fear is with knowledge. What the healthcare community needs is scientifically-informed, evidence-based knowledge and most importantly, the courage to spread it.

Natalie McBrayer BSN, RN, RYT, MJ