Lisa Hedin, RN, BSN

Cannabis, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease | CNNC 2020


LISA HEDIN is the Founder and CEO of The Training Academy for Medical Cannabis. When medical cannabis and CBD started becoming more prevalent in the United States, she realized that there was a lack of education in the medical community.

Lisa has spent most of her 25 year nursing career as an educator. She has been recently awarded "Clinical Educator of the Year" at a global meeting in Las Vegas.

Lisa is the former Ms. North Carolina and Ms. USA. She was awarded the "Women of Distinction" by the Ms. America pageant system. That award was based on "Humanitarian Effort and Intelligence" with her platform for kidney disease awareness. She plans on doing that with Cannabis and what the plant has to offer.

Embrace this moment of time in our country--We will never experience anything like this again with something so big getting deregulated and so good for the body.

Lisa Hedin, RN, BSN