Fame Conway, RN

Cannabis, Holistic Health, Orthopedic Peri-Operative | CNNC 2019


FAME CONWAY, RN is the CEO of grace + fame Int’l. In 2007, as an OR nurse, she began researching natural healing, and created a line of vegan body products to pamper other caregivers. Her love of helping & appreciation of luxury experiences, led her to start grace + fame, a self-care spa collection of terpene infused, natural bath and body essentials.

After decades of suffering with chronic illnesses, her health was declining and she turned her focus back to holistic healing. She researched nutrition, and became a trained cannabis nurse. In 2016, a traumatic injury left her health spiraling out of control. During her recovery, she continued learning and created a successful blueprint to reverse her chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases, naturally.

Fame now consults private clients, advising them on how to reverse their autoimmune diseases, has created an online program teaching her wellness blueprint, and has infused total body wellness into her growing beauty brand.

“Whole plant nutrition supplemented with cannabinoids and intention setting has the ability to regenerate your health & restore wellness.“

Fame Conway, RN

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