Dr. James Taylor, MD

Anethesia, Cannabinoid Medicine, Pain Management | CNNC 2020


Dr. James Taylor is a board-certified anesthesiologist and specialist in pain management. He graduated from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and has been practicing Interventional Pain Management for the last 12 years.

As President of Integrated Pain Solutions, he and his staff have helped thousands of patients navigate chronic and intensive acute pain issues to avoid opioid addiction.

After conducting research regarding the benefits of CBD, Dr. Taylor now supports the use of hemp-based CBD products by patients for pain management .

Have a Blue Ocean mentality when it comes to your fellow colleagues in the hemp industry. Move past a competition mentality (red ocean). A red ocean is bloody waters where sharks feed on one another. A red ocean mentality only weakens us all. We need to unite together in our blue ocean in order to deal with bigger threats out there lurking in the water.

Dr. James Taylor, MD