The Cannabis Nurses Network Conference Essentials Kit

Represent CNN at your next event & conference!

We’ve put together our Conference Essentials Kit so that our members who want to help us expand our membership and grow our audience can bring Cannabis Nurses Network to wherever they are, while presenting a unified, well branded presentation, no matter where you are.

Conference Essentials Kit

The truth is, we can’t be everywhere at once.

But our members around the world can still help represent Cannabis Nurses Network by printing our “CNN APPROVED” marketing materials.

For our highly motivated members, we have put together the necessary CNN Approved conference materials and instructions to have them printed & delivered to wherever you are.

Please follow the instructions below carefully if you are planning to bring CNN Conference Essentials to your event.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use for printing the various items in this packet. We have included the printing instructions & setup details for Vistaprint ordering.
    password: 2FzBAScXEtN7
  2. Navigate to “My Portfolio”

  3. Select “Order” on the items you would like to purchase for your event.

    – Rollup Banner
    – Tablecloth Cover
    – Business Cards
    – Marketing Flyer

  4. Update the quantities in the cart & begin checkout.

    During the checkout process, make SURE you pay attention to the following:

– Add your own billing information (but do not save it to the account)
– Update the shipping address to your location

PRO TIP: VistaPrint often has discounts on printing. Google search for “VistaPrint Discount Code” and see what comes up. They may have a sale happening as well. A little bit of research can save $$$

How To Make the Most of Your Conference Booth

The most important step of having a booth space at a conference is getting new members & growing the CNN audience.

We’ve made it easy for you to collect the email addresses of interested subscribers. All you need to do is bring up this link on a tablet/phone and have booth visitors fill it out with their information.    <– PRO TIP: Save this link as a bookmark on your device for easy access!

If you don’t have a device to use, we suggest bringing a signup sheet that has First Name, Last Name & Email Address on it to capture the contacts. After the event, you can add these to a spreadsheet that we can use to manually add them to our mailing list. Here is a template you can use to make sure we have the information we need. (Don’t add your list to the template – just use it to create yours, then share it with us.)


That’s it!

Now you can hand out business cards and flyers at your event. If you have access to a booth at a conference, you can order our tablecloth and rollup banner to get even more attention! You can be confident that you are representing Cannabis Nurses Network with your best foot forward, and we know that no matter where someone runs into CNN, they are seeing our quality brand consistently.

We are SO grateful for you.

We know that investing in CNN by ordering a conference kit, and by bringing it to your events is a big deal. It’s what real ambassadorship looks like.

While we can’t afford to send conference kits to every one of our members, and not all of our members can afford to spring for their own kit… so for those that do – we are EXCEEDINGLY grateful. If you print this kit & take it to your event, please let us know! We are creating a special thank you gift, just for you.