Cannabis: The Gateway Plant

Continued Education Session | CNNC 2022


Cannabis: The Gateway Plant

What is herbal medicine and where do we begin?

Cannabis medicine is herbal medicine and is often the first plant patients are open to trying for addressing their health needs. Adding in easy to access botanicals, from our spice rack to the grocery store, can provide additional support for healing, in a safe and effective way. Heather brings her 25 years of experience in botanical medicine to share a handful of “food herbs” that can be added to your cannabis toolbox. She will share resources and recipes, as well as practical application with these herbs. This class is suitable for all levels.

Introducing nurses to a variety of safe herbal medicines they can add to their toolboxes.


Heather Shelton BSN, RN

Heather Shelton has been a student of plant medicine for the last two decades and has been a practicing herbalist for the last ten years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in nursing and spent nine years working in Emergency medicine. She apprenticed for two years with Rosemary Gladstar whom many call the “fairy godmother of herbalism”.