Cannabis Nurses Network Official Statement Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

For the Health and Safety of all of our CNNC conference participants and guests, we are closely following all of the safety advisories from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Events Industry Council.

Currently, WHO recommendations are limited to mass gatherings generally in excess of 250 participants or more. However, CNNC is committed to following the highest and best practices for the health, safety and convenience of all of our members and guests.

Currently, the restrictions and limitations are scheduled to July, 2020, well before our September conference. We will nevertheless structure the conference events to minimize any possibility of infection. We will continue to keep you apprised of new developments or advisories.

Sources: WHO Public Health for Mass Gatherings: Key Considerations; Events Industry Council; San Diego County Department of Public Health.

Ken Sobel, CNN Senior Consultant & Attorney

Last Updated:
March 18th, 2020