Cannabis Nurses Media & Magazine Editorial Calendar

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Editorial Calendar & Topics

January: Vision

Topics: Resolution, Goals, Future, Health Insurance, Business Development, Telemedicine, Health Coaching, Pharmaceutical Advancement, Global Health Concerns, Science & Research

February: Heart

Topics: Love, Compassion, Vascular Health, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health, Intimacy, Relationships, Social Responsibility, Advocacy

March: Green

Topics: Hemp, Cultivation, Sustainability, Plant a Seed, Cannabis: the Plant, Testing, Science & Technology, Extraction and Infusion, Laboratory Testing, Environmental

April: Living

Topics: Renewal, Aging, End of Life, Hospice, Palliative, Preventative Medicine, Quality of Life, Wellness, Health Diversity, Adverse Effects and Consequences, Health throughout the Lifespan

May: Women

Topics: Mother Day, Nurses Week, Women’s Health Issues, Nutrition, OB-GYN, Breasts, Uterus, Ovaries, Pregnancy, Child Birth, Breastfeeding, Postpartum Depression, Weight Control, Therapeutic Touch, Motherhood, Anxiety

June: Men

Topics: Father’s Day, Activity & Athletics, Men’s Health Issues, Prostate, Sexual Health (male), Stress, Work-Life Balance, Pain Management, Mental Health, Bone and Muscle Health, Exercise, Anger and Violence

July: Independence

Topics: Independence, Patient Rights, Health Choices & Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Research and Further Science, Patient Testimonials, Laws and Policies, Assessment and Documentation, Professional Development

August: Lifestyle

Topics: Normalization, Embracing New Norms, Daily Activity, Incorporating Cannabis in Life, Career, Student Nurses, Retired Nurses, Disease and Treatment, Mental Health, Recipes, Travel

September: Growing Up

Topics: Youth, Kids and Cannabis, Pediatrics, Stages of Development, Child Illness, Autism, Seizures, Genetics, School Nursing

October: Harvest

Topics: Cultivating Health-Success-Growth-Knowledge, Conference Issue, Event Review, Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Holistic Nursing, Complementary Therapy, Cannabis Industry, Breast Cancer Awareness

November: Gratitude

Topics: Why I’m Grateful for Cannabis-CNN-Nursing, Success Stories, Attitude of Gratitude, Post-Traumatic Growth, Mindfulness, Generosity, Family, Veterans, PTSD

December: Cheer

Topics: Stress, Anxiety, Loss, Family, Grief, Celebration, Holiday, Love, Gifts, Presence, Kindness, Charity, Coping Skills, Mobility, Assisted Living, Geriatrics and Aging

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