What Makes a Cannabis Nurse?

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Holistic Nursing, Student Nurses

For most nurses, the journey to becoming a cannabis nurse begins with a passion, a curiosity, and asking “Why?”. Witnessing the transformative power of the sacred plant1 on the health of a patient or loved one, prompts a paradigm shift in our understanding and thinking.

A growing number of cannabis nurses are also becoming cannabis patients.

Possibly an inquisitive nurse, who became disenchanted with the limited healing abilities of polypharmacy when addressing their own health needs and imbalances. Maybe a seasoned nurse, wishing to avoid the path of addiction or dependency to potent or harmful pharmaceuticals, leading them to begin researching safer, more natural alternatives.2

It takes an open-minded nurse, to realize that previously held stigma regarding cannabis was fueled by profit-driven propaganda, that began in the 1930’s.3 Learning about the hypocrisy of cannabis prohibition and subsequent Schedule 1 status, while the US Government issued patent #66305074 recognizing the health benefits of cannabinoids regarding several serious medical conditions including alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease.

It takes a truth-seeking nurse, to discover the historical use of cannabis as medicine. Learning that for 5000 years in cultures worldwide, cannabis has been an honored and sacred plant medicine.5 Being left to question the wisdom in 80 years of cannabis prohibition. While recognizing epidemic levels of chronic illness such as cancers, neurodegenerative disease, and autoimmune disorders, which are increasingly affecting children; unlike prior generations. The widespread impact of multi-generational endocannabinoid deficiency6 becomes apparent, and sparks ideas of how addressing natural deficiencies may help relieve, repair, or reverse our nation’s chronic illness epidemic.

It takes a passionate nurse, whose inner fire ignites and blazes upon recognizing the potential of cannabis, to help revolutionize the healthcare industry.7 Cannabis plant medicine, has advantage over synthetic medicine, due to widely potential healing found through the entourage effect of varying cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles.8 Some may say; Cannabis is a competitor to nearly all pharmaceuticals.  

It takes an empathetic nurse, with a strong desire for true medicine and individualized patient-driven health. A nurse with integrity, an evidence-based practice, driven by medical ethics, who release their fear, and push the bar to advocate for patient’s rights to choose health promoting options.9

Being a cannabis nurse requires an enlightened mind, humble heart, and willingness to embrace the journey. Once the positive impacts are witnessed, from this effective and gentle healing herb, it becomes natural for a nurse to transition into a cannabis nurse warrior.10

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