Hillary Raimo RMT Usui Karuna

Cannabis Reiki, Meditation, Reiki, Voynich Manuscript | CNNC 2019


HILLARY RAIMO, a certified Reiki master teacher in both Usui & Karuna Reiki, Hillary teaches the certification levels of Cannabis Reiki, a system of energy bodywork that infuses the intelligent medicinal forces of Cannabis and the ancient wisdom of Reiki.

Using the knowledge Hillary learned while studying the Voynich Manuscript at Yale University in 2013, a new interactive system has been catalogued that maps out important biochemical, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pathways to healing. Teaching her system of Cannabis Reiki is helping to prove the scientific value of ancient indigenous plant wisdom from cultures worldwide.

Hillary is a visionary award winning artist, author, former radio talk show host and president of the Bethlehem Art Association in Delmar, New York

“The full spectrum of the healing power it holds is purposefully being interfered with. That it is a master healer plant. That it can open ones consciousness to the far reaches of the cosmos, and will free the mind from indoctrination & programming.”

Hillary Raimo RMT Usui Karuna