Blair Wirkkala BSN

Alzheimers, Chronic Disease Prevention, Endocannabinoid System, Menopause, Sustainable Fat Loss | CNNC 2020


BLAIR WIRKKALA, a pro-cannabis holistic RN, is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and completed The Medical Cannabis Institute training for practitioners. Specializing in sustainable fat loss, reducing chronic disease risk, and bringing balance to the endocannabinoid system (with a focus on menopause and Alzheimer's); she is the founder of Access2Green, Better Fat Burner, Healthing Yourself, and the author of Menopause Happens—Own the Change.

Her education includes degrees in Health Science, Nursing, and Fitness Management and she is a Bredesen Protocol trained practitioner. Blair believes that bringing balance to the ECS is often that elusive last puzzle piece, without it, health optimization is incomplete.

Sensationalizing the attributes of cannabis is unnecessary and undermining of its therapeutic impact. It's the polar opposite of 'reefer madness' and can be just as off-putting. Nurses are in an ideal position to bring the truth to the masses.

Blair Wirkkala BSN