Welcome, future members of the Cannabis Nurses Network Speakers Bureau. As a member of the bureau, you will be eligible to receive speakers requests and invitation, and will be depended upon to represent Cannabis Nurses Network’s mission and goals of educating medical professionals with high-quality education content.

Only Cannabis Nurses Network Members are eligible to apply to the CNN Speakers Bureau.

Joining is no easy feat; you will be expected to pitch a session, attend the speakers training and practice sessions, provide timely, quality slides, and deliver your presentation at the Cannabis Nurses Network Conference.

Speakers Bureau Requirements:

  1. Cannabis Nurses Network Member who submits a completed speaker proposal for CNNC during Call for Speakers period (July-August 2019)
  2. Speaker proposal is selected for elite CNNC speaking position through CNN education committee’s rubric scoring system.
  3. Attend and participate in all speaker training and practice sessions designed and led by Maureen McNamara of Cannabis Trainers to assist you in “Presenting Powerfully”
  4. Submit high-quality slide presentation, on time, in requested format and provided template.
  5. Leverage your web and social reach by following the “CNN Mutual Benefit Promotional Guidelines”
  6. Attend CNNC, prepared and ready to present on approved topic during scheduled speaker time.
  7. Attend CNNC Awards to receive official Speakers Bureau pin, certificate, and induction into the elite CNN Speakers Bureau Membership.
  8. Speakers Bureau Members represent CNN as a whole, and wear SB Membership pin when speaking as an ambassador of high-quality cannabis nursing education and trusted information source.
  9. Respond to speaker requests promptly and represent Cannabis Nurses Network professionally.
  10. Have fun, enjoy new opportunities, and develop professionally.
Share the stage with industry experts. Share your expertise with the world.

What Success Looks Like

Cannabis Nurses Network uses the following rubric to evaluate proposals submitted for CNNC

  1. Topic supports the conference theme
  2. Topic is new to CNNC
  3. Topic is currently relevant
  4. Speaker has demonstrated expertise regarding topic
  5. Speaker has spoken publicly before
  6. Speaker provided video example of public speaking
  7. Speaker is a credentialed medical professional or credible information source
  8. Speaker has web/social media presence
  9. Speaker is active in other groups or associations
  10. Speaker agreement has been signed
Deliver a powerful presentation; stand out from other presenters and ahead of your peers.

The Fine Print:

Bureau sessions at CNNC will be recorded and become part of Cannabis Nurses Network educational programs. How we use, promote, edit and share this content is at our discretion, in perpetuity.

Speakers Bureau members will have access to the education courses created they are included in and will be available to you when the courses go live.

Absolutely no product-specific, self promoting, business representation is included in our educational programming. In order for CNN to offer accredited continued education credits to our network, all sessions, presentations and educational content MUST NOT include any sort of self promotion or product promotion. You will be required to complete a conflict of interest agreement. If you try to join the bureau to promote your business to our audience, your application will not be accepted.

Speaker’s Bureau Membership status will remain in effect for the duration of your active CNN membership. 

Cancellation or lapse of membership, lasting longer than 3 months, will result in Speaker’s Bureau Membership suspension. Status will be reinstated once CNN memberships is reactivated. 

Bureau Membership may be revoked immediately for egregious or detrimental actions or behaviors negatively impacting the reputation or relationships of Cannabis Nurses Network. 

Ready to Apply?

Speakers applications for #CNNC2020 are open now.