Sage Decoded LLC

Sage Decoded LLC

Ashburn Virginia United States


As licensed medical professionals, we recognize the gap in traditional medical training when it comes to the Endocannabinoid System. Yet nearly 2 million North Americans legally use cannabis to manage a medical condition.

So where is the disconnect?
As both a registered nurse and patient, our founder Nicole S. Brown, has firsthand experience with the lack of accurate information surrounding medical cannabis.

She knows the pain families go through as they desperately try to find treatment options for chronic pain, seizures, cancer symptoms, and mental health issues. Plus, she also struggles with anxiety herself.

After trying a number of prescribed pharmaceutical drugs to manage her anxiety, she turned to alternative options. Cannabis was the only thing that controlled her symptoms without a host of side effects.

However, even as a registered nurse, it was hard to figure out which strain of cannabis to use and how to use it safely. After a lot of research (and some trial and error), she was able to create a cannabis treatment plan that worked for her.

Nicole took that experience and turned it into Sage Decoded.
Driven by the desire to empower both patients and healthcare providers, Sage Decoded provides evidence-based education for optimizing individualized treatment with medical cannabis.

We work with our clients, educating them on the cannabis options, how they affect the body systems, and how to create a safe dosing plan that’s customized to their specific needs.