Holistic Options for Hospice Care

PROGRAM: Rooted in Science; Nourished by Knowledge


If you only have a few months left of your life, a week, or only days – would you want to be awake and comfortable to spend time with your family and loved ones, or would you rather be sedated and sleep your last days away?

Holistic Options for Hospice Care with Marcie Cooper RN, MSN, AHN-BC

There are options available now which can truly change the way we transcend. We can transcend in a comfortable manner, while giving ourselves and those we love the gift of being present.

Understand how to be a patient advocate for all patients who are terminal, and how to effectively be a cannabis nurse in the hospice and palliative care setting.

Topics include: NCSBN recommendations for Nurses, Comfort Measures, Recent Research on using cannabis for Pain and Anxiety, and Emerging Studies being done on using other types of Plant Medicine for Terminal anxiety and distress.

This lesson is a recorded Essential Education session from Rooted in Science: Nourished By Nature, the comprehensive cannabis nurse education program offered during Cannabis Nurses Network Conference 2019





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