Share what you know with future generations of Cannabis Nurses

Education Cornerstone PRojects

1. Educational Content Development – ECD

Help contribute your expertise by developing the educational content we will be using to help teach tomorrow’s cannabis nurses.

The outcome of this project is an arsenal of educational content and teaching tools related to specified topics (ie Autism, Cancer, Aging, CBD, Dosing with THC, History of Cannabis, Terpenes & Aromatherapy, Cannabinoids & Terpenoids, Lifespan Considerations).

Educational content may include: powerpoint slides, written narrative, audio, video, artwork or other media forms requested or agreed upon. Information is based on a specific topic that covers the high points and Educational Program relevance for each topic. Educational Content Development teams and Educational Program Development teams work in synergy to ensure correct & appropriate content topics are being generated to provide what is needed for program development.

Team Member Requirements:

  • Topic specialties
  • Prior educational content development experience

2. Educational Program Development – EPD

Educational programs organized & developed based on opportunities to offer complete programing for live presentations and online education.

This is taking the full picture of what a cannabis nurse needs in each topic of education and leveraging the content created by the ECD teams to create thoughtful and effective Educational Programs.

Programs are developed from topical information available through the Educational Content Development Project (ECD).

ECD and EPD work in synergy to ensure the correct & appropriate content is available to create powerful educational programing. (ie, Cannabis Nursing Theory, Clinical Applications of Cannabinoid Therapeutics, Research and Strategies for Common Diagnoses, Endocannabinoid Connections, Cannabis Nursing 101)

Team Member Requirements:

  • Previous educational program development experience
  • Topic specialties

3. Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurs Program – CNE

A Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur utilizes professional nursing experience and continued education to embark on the journey of creating, owning, and/or operating a personal business in the wellness, healthcare, or cannabis industries.

Businesses established by cannabis nurse entrepreneurs may include developing and selling a home health product or medical device, or offering independent nursing services, such as patient care, nursing education, health and/or business consulting services.

Becoming a Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur offers rewarding independence and autonomy, yet requires passionate creativity, dedicated work, and development of strong business skills.

Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneurs work for themselves. The skills required for this position vary depending on the nature of the individual business venture, but in general the following skills and qualifications are beneficial for nurse entrepreneurs:

  • ADN or BSN degree and valid RN license
  • Prior professional nursing experience within the relevant area of specialty
  • Basic business skills and knowledge (e.g., accounting, marketing, ability to manage staff—> 5-Level CNE Certification)
  • Excellent communication skills for interacting with customers, patients and employees
  • Ability to work independently and willingness to take on personal financial risk

Roles and Duties of a Cannabis Nurse Entrepreneur:

  • Use nursing education and experience to establish their own business venture within the cannabis, wellness, or healthcare industry.
  • Promote the business, including advertising and sales efforts to attract and retain customers
  • Hire and manage employees to assist in running the business as needed
  • Tend to the financial side of running a business, including accounting, payroll and tax issues
  • Provide healthcare products or nursing services which may include direct patient care, education or consulting services depending on the nature of the business

There are no specific certifications or credentials required for becoming a nurse entrepreneur. However, a nurse entrepreneur may find certain certifications valuable based on the nature of their business.